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Diet'Twitter Revolution....

Hmmmm.... I was thinking a good start of this post, but cudn’t. Sorry, but be sure you’ll end with something good at end....:-) I started tweeting a few months back. The first thing that I came to know about Twitter is that ‘anyone’ can follow (or be friend) anybody! Next things were, you tweet something good and get followed by spammers, pornbots, and poor mktg’bots! Spending more time on Twitter, help me exploring it...I came to kno about many a Non-celeb Twit’erbities, being followed by 1000s to millions of followers. I discovered the use of participation in #trends. Through some avid twipples like @HNatarajan , @anddjournal , etc tweetverse etiquettes were learnt by me. One thing that I really noticed is that including anything reltd with money, mktg etc makes the twit’bio repulsive. A lot of articles are available online about how to be good to be followed sincerely by your followers, what are the do’s and don’ts one should adhere to earn a good follower number, 10 things you sho

Murud-Janjira Trip

This Diwali, we planned to visit the Alibaug beaches. A friend suggested that it’s better to visit nearby Kashid and Murud-Janjira , as the waters are cleaner and sands are cleanest on ghats. I browsed through the Google, and found the suggestions real true. One of my seniors, hailing from IIT-B, even told me that it’s actually white color fine sand/silt beach at Kashid (Geologists’ can’t resist), and the beaches are not very much crowded. We were also advised to witness the sunset at Kashid beach. Sooooooo, we were total 8 people, (3-me n my 2room-mates + my 3 frns + frmz’ 2 frns) for the day-long tour-de- Kashid-Murud-Janjira ! We hired an 8-seater Tavera, and the driver was in his handsome 19, though very coooool n calm on steering. We started at about 9AM from Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai and reached Kashid beach at about 11:30. The beach was so fascinating and inviting that we couldn’t control and run towards it! It was a high tide time, so the waves were enough powered to topple us! We

My First Blog Day

Hey everyone! Here I'm, starting my first Blog-post. Well, not absolutely I managed an account earlier on MySpace too for over an year. It was sunrise time of blogging, and I posted a few written and a number of picture posts. With running days, my interest also came to an end, the blog finally being removed from the MySpace. That I came to know only a few years later, when I tried to access the account. Anyways, past was the past, and the present is what I have just started...writing this blog religiously! For now, it's all I want to start with. More, I believe, interesting posts will follow soon! :-) And, yes...don't forget to leave your suggestions for me to make my blog better (from nothing now)! ohhh...yeah this pic is taken at the Janjira Fort, Janjira-Murud, Alibaugh, Raigadh, Maharashtra! Long address, and so is the beauty of the beaches there...long-lasting! I will tell, in my next...till then...Bye! Cheers! :-)