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Ride to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: Part 1- Ride

If it wouldn't been Highway, I would have been High another Way ~ Ghumakkar
Only thing that I don’t like attaching my rides is the ‘reasons’, and satirically it has been ‘those reasons’ that inspired me to get on some of my best rides of the short Life I have lived till date. One such ride was the last week’s month's Mumbai-Jaisalmer. Rides to Nagpur and Jaisalmer have been on my itinerary since a long time, owing to my Geologists friends being posted there. Though, Nagpur is still to be done, I went to Jaisalmer on just a week’s planning. A message to my broken-ride-hearts Watsapp Group ‘Decide & Ride’, two friends agreed for the trip and finally one of them got along.
Ride This is was the first ride in many a sense. I was lonely, though not solo; no smartphone with me, no deliberate routing/mapping done, and a very limited blog-survey over the roads and places. Target was to ride those ~1100 km in 2days, Day 1 from Mumbai to Mehsana and Day 2 from Mehsana to Mumbai. Mehsana i…