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Ride and Trek to Lohagad Fort and Bhaja Caves

So, you opened illegitimate sites on your office PC! Can you come down to Bldg No. X-A and meet your HR, Mr. Ravi?” “Who are you?” “I’m Pankaj, calling on behalf of Mr. Ravi; and it is necessary for you to meet him asap so that we can resolve the matter and arrange counseling session for you.” “But, I know, I haven’t opened any such site, and if I really have, mail my Boss and Cc it to me, then only I’ll meet whosoever.” “Okay. What about a ride to Lohagad? We’re planning to organize a picnic there, tomorrow morning and want you to come with us.” “What the hell!? You were talking about breach of policies and now that you are inviting me for picnic!!!” “Abe, this is Pankaj on line. Are you coming for ride?” “What man!? F***! And, I thought you were actually calling me from HR!” “He he he! That means you actually open such sites?! ;p” “Ha ha ha! No, not at all! Okay, for the ride, yes m coming.” “Fine! Then be present at More Mart, Koparkhairane at 5:00AM, we’ll start from there.” “Done!”
So this …