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Ride and Trek to Lohagad Fort and Bhaja Caves

“ So, you opened illegitimate sites on your office PC! Can you come down to Bldg No. X-A and meet your HR, Mr. Ravi ?” “Who are you?” “ I’m Pankaj, calling on behalf of Mr. Ravi; and it is necessary for you to meet him asap so that we can resolve the matter and arrange counseling session for you. ” “But, I know, I haven’t opened any such site, and if I really have, mail my Boss and Cc it to me, then only I’ll meet whosoever.” “ Okay. What about a ride to Lohagad ? We’re planning to organize a picnic there, tomorrow morning and want you to come with us. ” “What the hell!? You were talking about breach of policies and now that you are inviting me for picnic!!!” “ Abe, this is Pankaj on line. Are you coming for ride? ” “What man!? F***! And, I thought you were actually calling me from HR!” “ He he he! That means you actually open such sites?! ;p ” “Ha ha ha! No, not at all! Okay, for the ride, yes m coming.” “ Fine! Then be present at More Mart, Koparkhairane at 5:00