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Few Days at Havelock: How, When and Where?

(It's a second post on Havelock in the series of posts on Andaman . For the teaser, click here .) Havelock is a beautiful small island situated at about 57 km North East of the Capital town of Port Blair in Andaman Sea. Named after Maj General Henry Havelock, it is the largest among the Ritchie’s Archiepelago islands spread across an area of about 114 sq km. En Route Havelock, On the government ferry - Under the Heavenly Sky This post is all about How to reach, When is the Best time and Where to stay in the Havelock. HOW? The Havelock Island can be reached by ferry or seaplane from Port Blair. Reaching Port Blair by Air There are direct flights to Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair from Chennai, and Kolkata by Air India, JetLite, Jet Airways and Spice Jet. To get sweet deals, book the tickets at least two months in advance else booking tickets for Bangkok would be cheaper ;) Reaching Port Blair by Ships

[ReBlog] A Soap Foam like bug: Spittlebug

Have always been wondering what this spit thing all around on the bushes, generally near the joint of the branches or leaves. Unable to get an answer ( and never realizing about Google'ing it ), I stopped taking pictures and perhaps started deleting whatever I had. SpittleBug - Shot at Matheran in 2010 Then few days back, I came across DesiTraveller's blog post on something called Spittle Bug ! Woot! It's something like a larvae secreting some foam (or spitting) around it as a protective cover. To know more about these Cercopidae Family bugs, you should visit here . [REBLOGed]  Spittlebug: The Soap Foam Bug A few days ago I wrote about our visit to the  Nature farm  where they grow organic food and do not use any chemical pesticides. While walking on the farm I noticed a small foam kind of thing on one of the plants. It was as if somebody was washing clothes and dropped some soapy foam there at best or somebody had spit at worst.  As it was just below a wi