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Khali DImag Ki Khurafat~~Anubhav

I started thinking about compiling the Year 2009, the way I saw it! The way I experienced it! But, couldn't! Just not because, I couldn't find good time to jot down all the events and happenings of the 2009; also cause I was not finding it easy to gather every moment of the Year of 365 days, x24 hours....;D On the very last day of the Year 2009, we, all the guys of M.Sc.-Geology Batch 2006-08 of BHU , received this mail from one of our classmate, who tried to express everything happened with the Batch people poetically ! He's not a learnt/proven/acclaimed poet, but he did touched our souls! It may not carry any value to anyone, but for our did some magic! Magic of Nostalgia! So, I thought to share this precious poem with all my net-mates! With the due help of Google Transliteration, I converted the Hindi-poem scripted in roman, into Devanagari! खाली दिमाग की खुराफात जैसे ही कल का सूरज आसमान पर आएगा बादलों से कूद कर नया साल आ जाएगा, कुछ नयी कहानी हों

5 Point Someone vs 3-Idiots

I watched the movie 3-Idiots on 27 th December. I had had a number of recos from friends to watch it asap. My dire desire was to see 42 goin on to 21! And, to be very true, I didn’t recognize Amir as 42 or 21 years old guy. He appeared as a representative typical collegiate, and I enjoyed the movie. The Wangdu thing was really quite unexpected and appealing. Well, one thing that I noticed REMARKABLY was that the movie was having 5PS as its soul , no doubt, even though I read that quite a time back and don’t remember it all! Friend who recommended it to me also said so. Ryan ’s transformation into Ranncchoddas or Rancho could not go unnoticed. The very scene of Raju ’s (Sherman Joshi) home where his mother’s every sentence was ending with some commodity-index listing drove me directly to 5PS . All said, as I understand all the media brouhaha about this Chetan Bhagat's 5PS vs 3Is case, is that one day CB sahib woke up and suddenly learns that he’s not received opening credited,