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The Year it was….

(This is not a post on Resolutions, just the Wishes!) In few hours we’ll be into another New Year, year 2012. When I look back to the last 365 or 364 days and few hours a lot of tales, told – untold, experiences, emotions and a lot, I find swimming through the time. Few lines have never been sufficient to write down what I’ve felt, but a write-up of limited words is what I like to read and thus share too…. Me, Achtung, Rides and the People Achtung - BisonsRideHard A year back, Dec 2010, I wasn’t an Inddiethumpers . Year later, Dec 2011, I ain’t! I bought mu bull, Achtung, little over two years back. Rode some of the best rides with office mates, and then got to know about the largest Bullet Club of the Nation – the Inddiethumpers! You’ll die to join the club if you have been with them even for a chae-sutta ride, and so did I. I did my life’s longest ride of some 5000km , Mumbat to Kolkata and back, with Guri pa ji, Ganesh, Ranjit, Rahul, Kaka and others of Inddiethumper

Smiley Saturdays - 12 (Happy Yeppy 2011 Smiles)

"Smile is the most inexpensive and easiest deliverable, with a positive note not only in the Hearts of Sender, but definitely on the chords of Receiver too - Ghumakkar" Started with a deal of posting a Smile every Saturday, changed to alternate Saturdays or at least when I have a new Smile, I could able to post some 12 Smiles last year, mostly kids and teens with a Mystic  and Potato-Smiley ! Here's the Year 2011-Smiles in Collage... Year 2011's Smiles :) Here is the last post of the Year on my favorite Smiley Saturdays label...a pair of Happy Cute Angels dancing on Goan music..... Blushed! She knew every Song the guys played... Shy Queen....a Break Free Dancer! Shot these pictures on our recent visit to Goa, at Mackie's Saturday Night Market near Baga-Calangute Beach, North Goa, using my new 55-300mm lens... With lots of Smiley wishes, lets Welcome the New Year....

Bisons Ride Hard to Hedvi Virgin Beach of Ratnagiri

“ We may not be blood brothers, but we surely are oil-brothers on roads ” – Yeda Anna A good ride is all a rider can ever dream of. Few tablespoons of Sun and dirt over night long marinated masti and some secret spices of drama fried in low-fat high cost oil – what else can make a perfect ride recipe! Similar was the ride to a Virgin Beach with fellow Bisons. I wasn’t available for this ride with my bull-brothers until Friday, when my plan to ride to Chandrapur got brutally killed. Another ride is the only remedy for a failed ride, so I thought to join Bisons on Ride to Hedvi. A plea to join the troupe was sent and accepted within minutes on the confirmation that my Achtung has already been serviced.  Josh and the posers Joshil, aka Josh , has planned this ride to a Virgin beach near Hedvi, Ratnagiri. Hedvi is a small coastal village some 50km off NH17 near a famous (and thus crowded) Guhaghar beach ( a rider confirmed the beach carries significance attached to

Smiley Saturdays - 11 (A Teen Smile)

A Teen Smile November was a month of traveling but alas, no posts. With December, 1/3 rd already spent, two half-done posts and a ride scheduled for tomorrow morning, here I am back with another nostalgic smile – a teenage smile ! This pic I shot during my November trip to Jamshedpur or Tata. The kid is my friend’s cousin, Rishu . I loved the innocence yet a zeal to express and prove I am not a kid, but the one who’s trying to equal you adults. Bragging how he had an Orkut account in Std VI and now owns an FB account, yet posing with trees with a smile worth a click…. Rishu and his charming teen smile Shot this picture through 55-300mm lens on D5000. Just a jealous wish, as in last post,  I wish I had that life back..................