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As I am riding to RM-2012 Delhi

“Boot ” – done! “Jacket” – done! “Pants” – done! This…and that and all that – done! “Bull” – Oh yeah! Done! Leaves? Well, my Boss reacted, “ It’s been a year !?”, when I told him that I need these leaves to ride to RM-Delhi, I asked myself, man! It’s been a year since RM-Kolkata and I remember like it happened just another day! I was just a little over one year old riding the mighty old classic in a modern avatar- the Thunderbird TS, and still was allowed to attend the RM-Kolkata with the Inddiethumpers wearing their color proudly! What a memorable time I had riding with them to RM-Kolkata and spending the best time there with the godly Bullet fraternity! A year is still a long time, as I not only moved on to wearing new colors of BisonsRideHard but also now a day short of riding to RM-Delhi – the RM with a decade’s tale to tell! Made Like a Gun…is just not the emblem that suits the mighty Bullet, but also the fraternity, the brotherhood – we Bulleteers are

Ride to Date '16-till-I-die’ ladies of Assisi Bhawan

One can’t do everything, but everyone can do something! 2011 ended in everyone’s own way. I partied hard with my friends, seniors and some friends spent the night doing barbeque at a hill, a friend spent it riding and camping across the jungles and so on. But, when it came to Welcome the Year 2012, we,  Bisons , rode to meet the  '16-till-I-die'  ladies of Assisi Bhawan. Assisi Bhawan Assisi Bhawan , located at Goregaon, is home to old age people, mostly women. Bison Sheldon proposed and planned this sacred ride for BisonsRideHard. Sacred, as it was a call of our souls and not just a hobby ride. Some 40 Bullet riders, Bisons and aspirants, from all over the Greater Mumbai gathered at BKC with some small gifts for the Assisi residents. A small prayer and we left BKC with a bisonian roar, following Ride Captain Sheldon in wedge formation, we reached Bhawan at about 5 PM. Sister Catherine and a number of ladies were already waiting for us in the Bhawan’s lobby.

Running for a Cause... 2012

In a few hours, I would be attempting my first Half Marathon in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2012 . As planned, I was able to participate in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2012, and also earned a sacred rank of 786   among  some 9900 runners in the Category. I did register last year, but couldn’t participate as had to start the ride to RM-East on the same day the event was scheduled. Last year I registered as an Isha Vidya NGO’s member for the Half Marathon, but couldn’t actually raise a single penny. This year, I am participating as an individual and mostly due to time-constraints (!) I couldn’t get in touch with Isha Vidya team while preparation or other charity events.  My next year's aim is not only to complete Half Marathon within 1hr 45 mins, or participate in Full Marathon, but also to break my limitations, and actually generate some funds for the cause I could never be able to support in real sense. Here I am republishing my last year’s po

A "Just Planned" Trip to Goa…Go Goa – North Goa

Personally I have experienced if it’s unplanned, it ought to be SuperCool! Be it exams - unit, annual or entrance or a trip to nowhere. Proving evidence was the trip I had last month to the most happening place in India- the Goa. Kaustav, a senior colleague, had a planned (somewhat) trip to Goa with his old school buddies. I popped in and asked be permitted to join the gang.  A quick look at history, no dent found, happy stickers on, and I was allowed. Bang, can I get my roommate with me? Okay! And, then I was happy, full on for the Go Goaaaa! Gang posing at Aguada Fort Those who have been to place multi-times or those who haven’t yet, may not be able to digest my excitement. Even I too feel quite childish, but I really felt that innocent excitement after a long time when the trip got confirmed. Leaves were the only hurdle, but they too were granted very easily. Finally we started off 23rd December’s night. I wished to ride, but train wasn’t a bad option either on such a scen