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Random Thoughtful Question 3: What would you do, if know it’s your last day on earth?

“Live everyday as if it’s your last day on Earth” This evergreen quote is as lovable and quotable as difficult to follow in real life. Thanks to my friend who had had a quarrel with his girl a couple days back, and provided me plot for my Third question of the Random Questions’ series ( Question 1 , Question 2 ). So, my dear mate fought with his girlfriend, and furiously swore that if she even tried to talk to him, she’d see his dead face ( Mera mara muh dekhoge/dekhogi , is a famous kasam (swear) of we Indians). The girl, swimming in deep ocean of love, afraid to lose him, called back, and before could say anything was interrupted by my Angry Young Man and then a lot of things happened, that we’ll see later. When my friend shared his story with me, I got my plot. Simple, if we really be able to know when we are dying, we would actually be capable to plan it or not? Updating my status, my diary, etc etc, as I know I'm dying today! ( sorry for this poor graphic, I&#

Inception: Why I liked it?

If you want to see, what wonder a good Director can create on well written tight script and bunch of good actors, you must go and watch Inception. Hearing a lot many good reviews and praises about this new flick, we booked Sunday morning show tickets. Seating with a houseful of audiences, loaded with high expectation, we were a little afraid or better say, skeptical about the movie. For most of the highly praised movies, distaste has been a general phenomenon for we people. Inception ~ Experience the Maya So, the movie started with a strange Leonardo presented to an old man, who had seen the totem in his half-dream and have been waiting