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Quick Post on Travelling to Thailand

What about receiving a Picture Postcard from Thailand? Follow me at and reply my tweet on the same (little search you have to do ;) Bad, just got one reply and yet to confirm if she received the card or not! But, let me tell you Thailand did offer me a variety of fascinating Picture Postcards and rejuvenated my love for those. Well, worth sharing is that I am reading  completed Rishi Piaraiya' s Aisle Be Damned here while waiting for flight on airports, and it's certainly a book worth reading, expect the review soon :) What could be a better book on airport than one written on airports #AisleBeDamned by RishiPiparaiya #Book #TSBC By the way, Ghumakkar is on first official abroad travelling trip and its my first smartphone blogpost :) cheers...

My Adventures Through the Historical City of Delhi in India [Guest Post]

India is an exotic subcontinent with almost everything to offer to its tourists – right from lofty mountains, mysterious jungles to tranquil seas and colorful cities. Being a history enthusiast, I decided to opt for the capital city of India, which is popular for its wide array of historical monuments as well as interesting heritage. New Delhi is a beautiful combination of the modern and the ancient and I was amazed at every step by the kind of diversity it offers. The one day I spent in New Delhi was memorable in every sense of the word. A look at the lofty Qutab Minar I decided to start off with this well known historical landmark in South Delhi. Touted as the tallest brick minaret in the world, the Qutab Minar has five stories, each of which is covered with beautiful carvings of the scriptures from the Koran. There are various other monuments in the same site – some intact and some degenerated. I also saw the famous Ashokan pillar here – the wrought iron marvel. There are ma