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Whack!! this Wednesday......"घींच के दूँ क्या एक ???"

बड़ा धन्यवाद  ब्लॉग-अड्डा   एवं   प्रिन्गो  का, इस अनोखे विषय   “ Whack!! this Wednesday ”  पर ब्लॉग आमंत्रण हेतु. इस विषय को देखते ही यूँहीं दिमाग में ये विचार आया की इस पर कुछ हिंदी में लिखा जाये. वैसे भी जब कुछ अत्यंत ही निर्लज्जों को रास्ते-बरास्ते अपनी मूर्खता का प्रदर्शन करते देखता हूँ तो मातृभाषा में कुछ वास्तव में “ ज़ोर से एक घींच कर लगाने का मन करता है ”, जिसे हम अंग्रेजी में “whack” कह रहे. तो भई, ये रही कुछ एक बातें-घटनाएँ जिनके होने पर दिमाग बस एक ही बात आती है “अभी लगाऊं जोर से एक” : 1. ये निर्लज्ज प्राणी, हमारे देश में बड़ी ही आसानी से खोजा जा सकता है. आप सीढ़ियों से नीचे उतर रहे हों या सुबह-सुबह बगीचे में टहल रहे हों या सड़क पर अपने वाहन से सफर कर रहे हों....ये विशिस्ट प्रकार का मनुष्य अपने घृणित कर्म के चिन्ह दीवारों और सड़कों पर थूकते हुए दिखाई पड़ ही जाएगा. जब भी देखता हूँ, मन करता है पटक के मारूं और वहीं झाड़ू-पोंछा भी कराऊं. समझ नही आता, कोई व्यक्ति सौंदर्य-बोध विहीन कैसे हो सकता. अरे भाई, तुम्हारा अपना देश है, तुम्हारे घर का ही एक बड़ा स्वरुप है....इसको साफ

Bike Ride to Lonavala

After spending weeks and weeks of our lives in office, we were all too exhausted and in dire need of a recess. Having a 6-days week in office is, if not more, certainly not lesser than having jailed at Guantanamo Bay. But, hearts only can’t decide the route to nirvana, the domain of decision making is governed by a rather sophisticated organ, Brain . And, what Brain was seeing was burning road ahead, waiting to char our skin and ride-deprived soul too! View Larger Map Last Saturday, Heart won the dispute and on suggestion of one of our colleagues, it was decided that we are riding up to Lonavala and further to Aamby Valley on Sunday early morning.  We were four riders, me-the Bulleteer , Rudra- the Fast Biker , Satyaki- the Cool Mind and Abhimanyu- the Photographer ;

He did it.....A Mystery Fiction Contest

Thanking BlogAdda and Pringoo for this “ A Mystery Fiction Contest ”. Story by Mr. Ajay is mind-blowing, and well convolved with suspicions and clues! As I went through the story and later through my notes, my vision got clearer and clearer. “ I. ” ( The Narrator ) was the one who did it! Room had everything reminding all the 5 people: Beads connecting to religious R. Scarf from M.’s plot Cup recalling I.’s plot Arm-band- Sia’s connection    Emptied Bejewelled case twisting, but somehow relating the cheater G. But where was the “ Single Yellow Rose ”, that I. gifted Lila? And why did I. cleared that the brewed mixed tea was gotten rid of by Lila!? Yes, this time I. played really hard and went with  a direct and strong poison, not the sweet slow one. So, I . or the Narrator is the killer!    

Not so Random: Hurt Locker vs Green Zone....Conspiracy Theory to Emotional Young Uncle Sam!

There are two very important knowledge ingredients in American blood.... first the Right to Speech, and second How to use it? Browse through the mighty internet and get a long, really long list of Conspiracy theories . For the sake of direct and simple station, Wikipedia has also got a List too. Interestingly, most have their origin in America! Being it the New World Order or the popular Kennedy’s assassination or the much widely known Moon Landing and why not the Death of Michael Johnson! Well, that was just the preamble. The post is about what I observed watching two Hollywood movies, one of which won the Oscars, the other my favour! One of which was on the work done by United States Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) in Iraq, other depicting the Iraq Conspiracy Theory....One was the Hurt Locker , other the Green Zone . I liked Hurt Locker . It was a movie about an Army team whose work was to dispose the explosives dropped in Iraq and lying there. It portrayed the humane