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Wishes for the Coming Year 2011!

पथ निहारते नयन   गिनते दिन पल छिन   लौट कभी आएगा   मन का जो मीत गया   एक बरस बीत गया ~ श्री अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी जी Wish the New Year 2011, brings a Lot of Happiness, Success and Prosperity!

From the Desk of a Not-so-Known Designer!

Enough is Enough! There is a saying that Fashion repeats itself every 20-30 years ! But still there are a few things that I seriously don’t want to be repeated. Following is a non-comprehensive short-list of so called fashion- eshtyle that I badly don’t like: 1.        Sadhna cut---Eeeew! I can’t remember any other girl other than Sadhna ji, on whom this Wow (?) style suited! Especially, on girls with small faces-it’s awful! (Sorry!) My niece-I'm struggling to get her some other haircut!

For him....

I don't find you impressive in looks, Neither do I find you having charming tricks, I don't find you too good with words, Neither do I find you too brave with swords. Yet I find in you, everything I had wished for, I find my Heart beating for you! I find my words crazy for you, I find my eyes searching for you, I find myself longing for you Yet I find in you, everything I had looked for, Oh God! I find in you, everything I had wished for! Some would say, 'What is it worth if I can't tell you', Others say, 'Go tell, may be he's longing', I could have said, but, have fear in my heart, So, it's better that the silence prevails, Its better if I only follow your trails! ~ from Her diary  

Akshaya Patra Foundation : Fighting the Hunger!

Years back, I was travelling with my friends in Marudhar Express. At Agra, a young boy, aged around 12-14 years boarded the train selling some small soft toys. Out of some curiosity, we started talking to him, enquiring about his family, study and all. When we reached the question of schooling, he smiled and replied, “ bhaiya khane ko to milta nhi, padhai kahan se karein? ” (Don’t have sufficient to eat, who cares about study?). That answer and that very peculiar smile touched our heart. Many seasons came and go after that incident. Now I have started earning, and started trying at least on my part to help the needy. But, the connection of food and education wasn’t that much clear to me, until I heard Sadhguru’s words, “What Nation we can envisaged in future, if our present is unable to get healthy food!” We, Indians, are Young with the median age of just 22. In few years, we’ll be younger than Chinese population. But, how will we produce a healthy and efficient population

Running for a cause….

Few years back, I came to know about Mumbai Marathon. Last year, I couldn’t make it! I tried to at least be the part of Navi Mumbai Marathon, but that too didn’t work, thanks to a pre-planned tour and also an-all-of-sudden announcement of the event. This year I was all ready, all prepared waiting enthusiastically with all my senses open, for the Mumbai Marathon 2011. And, to sure my participation I applied personally vis-à-vis through an NGO too. My personal application rejected, and so were my hopes. Then one day, I heard from the NGO guys, that the chance for participation in the India’s most known and revered Marathon are still alive! And, I was like hell yeah! J Well, to apply through NGO was, ahhh let me confess, almost purely …... I didn't know much about the organization prior to application. That organization is Isha-Vidya Foundation, run by Isha Foundation which is a non-religious, no-profit, public service organization. I came in touch with Isha Foundation t

Slope of Hell : Ride to Heaven!

For the last three weeks, we had been planning a night out at Eco Camps, Mahabaleshwar ; but to no avail. Last week also, we failed to book the camps, thanks to superfast, super- ghumakkad Mumbai janta ! We needed at least a good ride, if not a Saturday exotic night stay.  I had heard of Slope of Hell , from Inddiethumpers and also my regular ride mate Rudra . He had been there once, few years back. So, we finally decided to ride and conquer the Slope of Hell last Sunday. I was on my Bull RE-TBTS, and Rudra on his Pulsar 220. He was aware of the route up to Kamseth, Pune. Also, not much of information is available online about the place. So, our motto was not only to beat the slope, but also to mark it on Google Maps. We have though got it published on GoogleMaps, it's still not searchable. So, I am  providing  here a route map, and also the location i.e. 18.73, 73.54 . Route Map to Slope of Hell, towards West is Lonavala We met at about 7AM, at NH 4B naka, near