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A Blind Date: A Ride to Remember

So, you must have been to lot of exotic places?’ she asked, I could feel the spark in her voice.
Not a lot exactly. There are so many places here to see in one lifetime’.
A pause, a long thought, some sure silence, ‘only if you’re endowed with eyes’, suddenly I realized I went a little too far.
Ohh, never mind. Tell me, what people you met? And, girls? Don’t you dare to lie… Blind people certainly have ability to sense any physical or emotional commotion. Before I could dive into apologies, she changed the mood.
Ahh, Aunt Tessy, don’t tease me. You know me. I do ride with people, but girl- ahhh never been my cup of tea
She smiled, ‘poor chap you are! Well, what you think about this lady? Game for a ride?’ ‘A blind date’, (shit) I blurted!
She jumped, ‘In true sense my boy! Let a woman teach you a thing or two! A Blind Date!’ a miles long smile, stretched with brightened wrinkles, and a tinkle in eyes.
I'd never been on a date with someone blind and could feel her emotions translated…

Riding Holiday Part 1: Bombay to Bangalore (via Gokarna and Jog!)

Sometimes when it’s call of your Soul, you ride Solo!
So, finally when even the last guy cancelled the ‘just’ a week old plan to ride to Goa and then Bangalore; I decided to do it solo! After all, I planned it, and after not being able to ride to Ladakh for the reasons which themselves failed later, I was to ride on any cost! This ride had been a memorable ride for a lot of reasons, especially with a lot cases of ‘just happened’ things. A lot of things just happened and I had to change the course or rethink about it at least. To start with, I proposed and we planned this ride just a week before the actual ride day. Samzy, Sandy, Monty, Rudra and Deepak said yes to it and later due to some personal commitments kept declining. Last being Deepak who said no, just the day before the ride.
Ride plan was to start early morning in Mumbai, reach Goa as early as possible, have fun, ride next day to Bangalore via Jog, spent a day there and ride back via Humpy. When I decided to do it solo, Vinny c…