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Tata Safari Storme Meet with Anil Kapoor and Indibloggers

It was not just another sunny Weekday, it was a day when we were scheduled to meet and have lunch with   non-other than the Jhakkas   Anil Kapoor. Well, it all started a few days back at around 11PM when I received this mail from Indiblogger to confirm if I would like to have an   Exclusive Lunch with Anil Kapoor   courtesy   Tata Storme and 24 – The Show . Not very much into Bollywood, I asked my friends should I go. And, it was like everybody had a single answer,   of course. (check out the the blogpost which led me to this meet) I was picked up at Vashi with another Indiblogger Deepti by Abhinav in a Bus bound to Pune from Dadar. There I met Ira and another guy (probably Varun) and also the other 3 bloggers ( Megahna , Nandini and Vaisakhi ). A group of   tweeples   was also there, who have won some twitter contest. As the journey took its course, I befriended with the Bloggers and few of the tweeples. With the day unfolding we came to know more about the event. Insid

Aisle Be Damned and the Art of Air Travelling

What have I noticed in all my not that frequent and extravagant but still give-or-take average air travelling hours? Definitely, I have learnt a lot through frisking, re-frisking, picking up thrice in a single day for (again) frisking, left and stamped bag tags, check-in queues, aisle, window and security door seats, hot and cold meals, coffee and a glass of water calls and what not. Then came to my delight this book “ Aisle Be Damned ” and I realized there’s still so much to learn about the   Art of Air Travelling ! Aisle Be Damned! Written by an   over worked and over traveled Corporate Executive Rishi Piparaiya  that too while waiting to catch the flights, clicking the tiny keys on his BlackBerry, the book talks about the nontraditional anecdotes to fly   safely ,   arguably intelligently   and   luxuriously . Though, I haven’t tried any of it,   and too shy to apply , some cheat-codes are reasonably tempting to be learnt and applied while choosing the right queue with