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Smiley Saturdays - 2

Never knew I would have to struggle this much to publish the 2nd post only in Smiley Saturdays series.  Well, with inactive internet connection and inefficient Blogger app from  Android, here I'm trying once more to publish post via email. God knows its fate  :) and Mobile WiFi, I'm able to publish this post! All we need is a Smile, and it's done :) I shot this picture of a fellow Inddiethumpers's wife and her kid at Rider Mania 2011, Kolkata. Picture was shot through Nikon D5000 and has been edited basically on Photoshop.

Thanks to Android-Motorola again to be the saviour. I posted this through Gmail, and now editing on Hotspot WiFi! Technology is awesome....while watching SocialNetwork on HBO, I felt it too...

Smiley Saturdays - 1 (The Beginning)

Have you ever stopped by and notice how rejuvenating sometimes a smile is to us. A small boy, cute girl, old uncle, wrinkled aunt, handsome guy or a mesmerizing girl, if I get a smile….it’s a million dollar prize for me! Every day, every week, round the clock…just every time….when I’m high or low, tired or failed…just a smile :)
So, to get into this passion of blogging, here I’m starting to post a Smile ever Saturday, under this new Smiley Saturdays label. Aspiration is to post until my last day, will try to post as religiously as I can…
Here’s the first in the series….

Your comments will not only encourage, but would be rewarding for me too :)

Thought thought all the time, not a word to jot...

(Caution: Author is developing a style to write seriously on lighter notes. Please don’t take this piece lightly!)
These days’ I am feeling quite privileged having a state, some greats call as, the Writer’s Block! As the Webster of the Era, widely known as Wikipedia, suggests Writer’s Block is a condition in which an author fails to produce new work. This also relates to the condition when an Author couldn’t recognize his own work’s worth and underestimates it.
I am regular guy learning to write pieces; comparing me with the ones who have proved themselves in professional writing is far from imagination. But the condition I’m in right now has at least something to do with the big words, the Writer’s Block.

CONDITION:I’m just not able to sit calm, sip coffee, have some water, eat pistachios, crack nuts, listen to some music, and write some piece! Hmmmm…it’s not though very untypical of me. It had happened a lot many times in recent past, but this time it’s different. Other times, I had pr…

What not is Beautiful in this Beautiful World!?

What not is Beautiful in this Beautiful World!? Have you ever tried to recall the moment you cried for first in this big world, laying in your mom’s lap? Wasn’t her tear drops were the Most Beautiful thing you had ever seen (if you remember) or you would have to see ever? The pride on your father’s face looking blank at a ‘newborn you’, overwhelmed with emotions or probably exhausted with the emotions. Wasn’t it the best sight of the beautiful world you had just stepped in? I don’t remember those moments either, but giving mere a thought leaves me goose-fleshed! The life we are blessed with is full of surprises, happier and awful too. What’s common with all the surprises is the Beauty of Life that is bestowed on us.