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Photo Diary: A Short Visit to Banaras

(This post was written a year back and forgotten. Before I leave for Banaras this Diwali, I thought to share the pictures) For us festivals, especially Holi and Diwali, are occasions to celebrate our friendship and the bond with the eternal city of Banaras. Sometimes I think I should write on Banaras every now and then. Then, there comes another nonsense (!) thought that is it because it would be easier for me to do so? Well, a plain answer to the question is, be it a small or large city - its hell difficult to write regularly on it even if you are a native or in love/hate relationship with it. And, if it’s the case of the one of the oldest living city on the planet, the situation becomes rather difficult. So, not pondering about the above thoughts (which I would like to discuss some other time under Random Thoughts), it would be easier to write the best part of my recent  last year's short visit to Varanasi or Banaras. Banaras Ghats बनारस के घाट  Visit started o

TruePixers thank you all!

Thanks to all for visiting TruePixers ' First ever Photo Exhibition and making it a great success. I would like to thank all my colleagues who organised and took active part in running the Exhibition. Special thanks to my Bulleteer friends for their encouragement and support. We are highly obliged to celebrity photographer Himanshu Seth for his time and patience to not only have a look at all of our 70 odd photographs but also to discuss those. Special mention to Times Of India-NaviMumbai and Lokmat for their encouraging endorsement. Times of India - NaviMumbai 23rdOct 2012 Lokmat My Bulleteer friend Sandesh translated Lokmat's marathi news in hindi: Desh Videsh ghumney ki chaah kisey nahi hoti, bohot jan ghumtey bhi hai, lekin unn jagahonkey naisargik, nayanramya evam ekhaad pal click karnewaaley pics ek alag he drishtikon  dey jaatey hai. Vashi key true pictures sanstha key saujanya sey aisehi bhinn-bhinn deshonkey pics ka pradarshan humey aisehi alag duniy

I am fine and hope so thy, write me at the address in sky...

For last few days, my mind has been playing a single number again and again. I heard the song just a few days back, when just to check what’s going on in the costliest Puja ever of Navi Mumbai ( and perhaps World! ), we found Somlata performing live. Somlata is a famous Bengali female singer and has really got a superb voice ( and long beautiful hair :) ) Amongst many a songs, she sung a beautiful piece by Late Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah , “ Amar Bhitor Bahire Ontore Ontore ”. Kaustav, my colleague, told me about the song that it’s not that popular when written, but rose to the stairs of popularity as ‘ Youth’s anthem ’, especially in Jadhavpur boys, after being reincarnated by another legendary Bengali singer/writer/activist Kabir Suman . Following is the transliteration of the song, from Wikipedia : Aamar Bhitor Bahire Ontore Ontore Achho Tumi Hridoy Jure Dheke Rakhe Jemon Kusum Paprir Aborone Phosoler Ghum Temni Tomar Nibir Chola Moromer Mul Poth Dhore Pushe Rakhe Je

True Pixers' First Photo Exhibition

There was a time when stamp collection was the Best known hobby. I did try to collect ‘ deo ’ cans, but storage-constrains (!) and apathy towards using them a lot to have empty cans, led it to the well-waited death (though I still have a few old days Old Spice and Denim deo cans ;) . Guitar was the next hobby, I learnt relatively good and was able to play a few numbers as well to inspire at least one guy to took it as hobby, before I left it. I learnt in very early days of my Guitar- saadhna , that my sura -aptitude is as good as Farhaan Akhtar, and at few notes better (!) than him. Finally, I took riding as one hobby, it made me to motivate towards writing – so blogging as the next one and finally photography as another. This post is about the hobby called Photography, mostly candid ( as would be writing a critical later ;) ).  Rather, this post is about the highly enthusiastic guys I have been in constant touch with, for last few months, for a single reason ‘ Photography

Smiley Saturdays - 16 (Zanskari!)

Back to Smiley Saturdays , would try to post few Zanskari/Ladakhi smiles through coming Saturdays. I shot this Smile, somewhere near Padum . We were reaching Padum, after a ‘not to remember’ night at Rangdum . Our first destination was Medical Centre, so it somehow explains what we had the last night. Entering Padum, shivering with cold (~6 o C ‘ only ’) we met two kids, returning from School with one kid having ‘ his shoes in hands ’, and they passed, what I strive to click, Smiles! These smiles were shot by NikonD5000, 18-55kit lens at 1/2500 f9 800ISO through the window of our moving taxi. I just fell in love with the kid with pink-cap :)

Kaas Plateau: Maharashtra’s own Valley of Flower

So, I finally could ride to Kaas Plateau last Sunday. Almost a year back I came to know about this place, popular as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flower, in a Jet Airlines magazine; was scared to miss visiting the place this monsoon and wait for one more year. Trivia Kaas (Kas) Pathaar or Kaas Plateau is located in the Satara District, some 30 kilometers off NH-4 (now NH 48) towards West. Plateau is about 300 kilometers from Mumbai via NH-4 and 375km via NH 17. We took NH-4, which is obviously a faster and better option to ride, though NH-17 is more scenic and the last leg of some 70 km through ghats would be rather amazing to ride.

A lot happened over the Cup…Truly!

Was what happened is actually worth sharing? Hmmm…wellll….the kind of person I am, always ready to criticize what I didn’t like, ready to call up the Customer Care to fight for the right(s), mail/snailmail to let the company/firm know where they went wrong, Yess, I must share what happened today evening… Today I was to meet a blogger friend at Airoli. Place decided was CafeCoffeeDay, obviously . I waited over an hour and two cups of coffees. Met, talked, checked my phone, placed it on table to show my interest in discussion , discussed, shook hand, left the place! Something must happened over the table. Few minutes later, I realized am missing something. Purse checked, bike-papers checked…it’s my phone! Ohhh, it my Lifeline! Apps, Contacts – well, not lost, but a tension that one never can invite, plus another faltuu ka kharcha… :’( Rushed ride to CCD, the guy at counter tried to listen to me, and said, ‘Yes’ with a smile! Overwhelmed, I thanked (just thanked) and left