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Bisons' Ride to RM2012: Mumbai to Delhi

Not just the passion, few more factors act decisively while planning a ride. One such factor, that mostly overpowers the enthusiasm, is Leaves’ approval ! Plans to the RM2012 ride with other Bisons suffered with the same tragedy when Locha and I had to start the ride together a day later then the fellow Bisons. (For more on RM2012, click here ) Bisons left Mumbai for Challo Dilli ride on 24 th January. Locha aka Chemical Locha aka Amrrutraj  and I had problems starting riding to Delhi on 24 th January’s morning. So, we planned to start it on late evening, and finally were able to get on the road in the early morning of 25 th only. Simple pan - 3days to RM2012, we planned to catch the first contingent at/around Udaipur and then ride ahead together. Saddled up and all geared, we met at our usual rendezvous – Fountain Plaza, Dahisar at around 4:45 AM. Minutes there, some time spent on route ahead, we met brothers from Inddiethumpers. Hugs and mobile numbers exchanged and we hit

What Travelling earns....People?

When travelling is your passion, you are bound to see a lot in your life, meet a thousand through your journey. I realised a day back only that most of us love to write what we did on our trip, what places we visited, how was the road, the hotel, the people. The People! Do we actually write about the people we met, or the men or women we spend a good time with? I did meet few people on rides, while flying or on train journey who left a deep impression on me. But, never actually took pain, if any, to jot down about them. Just them and there stories. So, in this post I will be talking about the People only, a few of the few meeting with whom I still cherish. If you RIDE a Bullet, you ought to know him There are many a people all over India and World, who love to ride. Few of them love to brag about there rides, most are just concerned about there rides. I belong to the earlier class, ride and blow your own trumpet! This person, about whom I’m writing this section, religiousl

Smiley Saturdays - 13 (Old is Gold)

Already about 50days of the Year 2012 have passed, and such a lazy bum, me, couldn't be able to post a Single Saturday-Smile ! Procrastination is the term, coined to define goodfellas like us! Well, it's not that I didn't click this year; but it's all about the habit I am habituated with to delay the thing to nearest appropriate time, that I couldn't post the Smile. Writing, the above 30+ words long sentence, an interesting point popped up in to my mind. Accepting that it's one's fault generally appears that is another way to avoid the scenario otherwise! Anyways, this picture I clicked on our first ride of the Year to Assisi Bhavan . I first thought not to post those pictures with that post, then I just couldn't control myself as those pictures were the soul of the post. First picture is of Aunt Maggi who had a thousand stories to share with us. 2minutes is her nickname, eternal is though her charm. Precious Charming Smile of Aunt Maggi The

Transforming into a Rider, Gradually!

Not everyone is a prodigy, not everyone knows riding since birth.  My first lesson on ‘driving’ a bike was from my younger brother: “ don’t apply breaks on potholes while riding fast ”. He actually taught me how to drive a bike. My college mates and school friends did their part to enlighten me with bike-driving skills. A year later when my yet-to-ride-a-bike friend took me as a pillion and asked how he did do, “ Now I know how the others would have felt as pillion, when I was learning to drive a bike ” was the spontaneous reply.  Achtung! Mumbai brought me the passion of Riding ! Initially torn between a just another Indian cruiser and the mighty Bullet, advices and the old default charm of possessing a Bullet led me to buy Achtung, Thunderbird TS -  the Best cruiser available in India. I still remember how Prathmesh , the guy I took to ride my bullet back to my place safely, ditched me to let me experience the feel of my Bull, and yes to start learning it! Thanks