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2300 km Dream Ride to Rider Mania – the “RM-2011”, Kolkata

Less than 2days to go before we’ll start for the RM 2011, the Annual Extravaganza organized and celebrated by the Royal Enfield Clubs of the India, in the third week of January. The Mania, or better known as RM, started way back in 2003, when Vernon Dias, from Madras Bulls, ideated to meet. He along with few friends, fueled the very thought and gave the forthcoming event a name, The Rider Mania. RM has established itself as a paradise for all the Bulleteers. It’s a place where the honored ones who ride Bullets meet, share experiences, enjoy and feel the thump. Goa was first destination to host RM-2003, with about 70 bulleteers. It was, indeed, organized by the Madras Bulls. Next year’s was organized by the then-patron Royal Enfield Motorcycle Co., who has also got registered the name “Rider Mania”. With the passing years, conflict of interest between RE and the community started taking shape, and 2009 was the first time when RM was organized without any help from RE MC Co. Kudos

A Short New Year Ride to Kihim Beach

There is saying that what/how you do on the first day of the Year, decides what/how everything is gonna be for the whole year. After my New Year’s night out with Bullet gang cancelled, I had the notion that coming year wouldn’t be happening too ride-full as I wished! There came my roommate’s wish to visit some beach. Voila! I was waiting for that wish! A partner, a Bull and a Beach - what more a Beggar can wish for, on the very first day of the Year. So, with my roommate and two more friends we decided to visit the Kihim Beach, near Alibaug . I wanted to visit this Beach, since long time. Planned a few times too, but all of no worth. It’s less than 100 kilometers from Navi Mumbai, through NH 17/4B. After having late night party on 31 st , we woke up late and started for the Beach at about 1 PM. Aim was to have a peace ride, so for most of the way we rode below 70 kmph. There was a little more than usual traffic on that 2-lane highway, cause of the vacation time. We too