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Smiley Saturdays - 10 (BreakFree)

This year, though just for 2days, I was finally able to visit my Banaras to spend the Diwali time with my best mates. Like the Holi visit, one of the most important part of the visit was photography . So, we had a Subah-e-Banaras and caught as many as angles of the ghats and the visitors as our naive brains can allow and imagine. At one of the ghats, we found children of 10-12 years group fighting, pushing each-other and diving in the river Ganga. Though I do have a merry life, but the break-free attitude they had...made me real envy. I was living the best life, when I wasn't aware of the terms - caste, society, politics, professionalism and so on....with the waning years, my enthusiasm towards everything, including Life and Myself - the two things I love most! Anyways, I clicked this photo just a few days back at a ghat of Banaras using my old D5000 and a new 55-300 lens. Just the basic editing has been done. No cropping, as I wanted to show the ' regular ' life al

Qvendo - Interesting as the Name!

Ghumakkar is too a victim to the wine called 'Shopping'  Qvendo @ IndiBlogger: Luxury at its best! With an   active -account on of yesteryears aka eBay since 2004, Yebhi, MyDala (since its first deal), Snapdeal, Brandmile, Fashion&You, Flipkart, Infibeam, HS18 and many such other online-shops, I believe and sure of being an Online-shop freak! In fact in my office too, I work as a part-time consultant to newbies on site-selection, fetching deal and as an example that you can even buy shorts on open   online shop without trying it in the   closed   trial room! When Indiblogger came up with this new contest-cum-launch party of Qvendo-The Luxury private Shopping Club , I geared up (!) for a post for three reasons – I love shopping, haven’t been part of Indiblogger contests for a long time, and last-and-surely-the-best for a taste of real-luxury items :P

Smiley Saturdays - 9 (Uncontaminated)

This week I am posting another unadulterated picture, that I took on my short ride to a Mazaar . On that ride I met Moin , and have posted his ' posed for newspaper ' Smile earlier. This time I am sharing Smiles of Saddam and his friends. They were there from Kalyan , without telling their parents about their day's out. The time I spent with them sent me into nostalgia about the teenage years and no-facebook era. So plain in talk, planning simple tricks to fool their parents on their whereabouts, curious about the DSLR I carried and asking for a ride on my Acthtung....really life is still the same for many of us, who are far from the concrete. Don't remember what was the reason of this laugh-burst, but does the reason matters? Shot this picture with D5000, 18-55, daylight, with Mumbra town in background.

Running Barefoot to Guinness!

Updated June 2013: This run couldn't happen because of some administrative problems. Also, Barefoot Runner India's website is leading 404Error. Reason is not known to author. ( This post has been published in  TheViewspaper  as  Running Barefoot to Guinness! ) Have you ever run a few kilometres barefoot , that too for a Guinness Records , and not shoed with the best sneakers in market for your diabetes, weight-problems or so? If not, here may be a chance to run barefoot or ride your pride, the bullet, for a special cause. Navi Mumbai 2010 Guinness Record Taking inspiration from the very first ‘original’ marathon run from Marathon to Athens in Greece by barefoot-Pheidippides, some 2500 years ago, BarefootRunnersIndia is organising a Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2011 . Last year, in its first edition held on 12 December, 2010, with 306 barefoot runners, the organisation successfully registered to Guinness World records as the Largest Barefoot Race. This year, wit

Smiley Saturdays - 8 (Bappa's Smile)

This year I had privilege to visit world-famous Aamchi Mumbai's Ganapati Visharjan . The event is such a treat for photography enthusiasts. All thanks to my photography guru Mr. Abhimanyu. I picked a lot of pics of Bappa, and was to able to take a cute smile of God's gift to earth, a happy child ! The innocent smile with no impurity and adulteration has touched my heart. I realized now why cheating is called as 'adult'eration :) The un-adulterated innocent smile with the Bappa in background  I took this pic on Nov 9, 2011 through my D5000 18-55 lens, in day light.