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Random Thoughtful Question 3: What would you do, if know it’s your last day on earth?

“Live everyday as if it’s your last day on Earth”

This evergreen quote is as lovable and quotable as difficult to follow in real life. Thanks to my friend who had had a quarrel with his girl a couple days back, and provided me plot for my Third question of the Random Questions’ series (Question 1, Question 2). So, my dear mate fought with his girlfriend, and furiously swore that if she even tried to talk to him, she’d see his dead face (Mera mara muh dekhoge/dekhogi, is a famous kasam (swear) of we Indians). The girl, swimming in deep ocean of love, afraid to lose him, called back, and before could say anything was interrupted by my Angry Young Man and then a lot of things happened, that we’ll see later.
When my friend shared his story with me, I got my plot. Simple, if we really be able to know when we are dying, we would actually be capable to plan it or not?

Updating my status, my diary, etc etc, as I know I'm dying today!
sorry for this poor graphic, I'm not very good at sketching my imagination:)
Assumption 1: I know it’s my last day on earth!
When I thought about the day’s

question, this is the first assumption that I affirmed. Interestingly, Reality is much different.

Well, there was a cheerful parrot Nattu. Once on just another day, he saw a Yamadoot (Agent to Hindu God of Death - Yamaraja) passing by, smiling cunningly on him. Frightened by that smile, Nattu flew to Naarada (Hindu God’s Messenger) and asks Naarada to hide him somewhere far-far away in some secluded cave. Whoosh! And, our Nattu reaches a cave in exotic valleys of mighty Himalayas. Very next moment, same Yamadoot reaches the cave and bursts out laughing, ‘I was wondering, how you will cover this much distance in moments to meet your death’.
This is my favorite short story, with a simple message that some things are just inevitable, whatever you may do; you would never know when and how they are going to occur.

Similar is the case with Death, until and unless you are some Saint, Mahatma or a Yogi; take my words you would never ever know this is your last day, you won’t be able to see next sunrise, you won’t be able to hear chirping of birds, see grazing animals, not be able to update your status on social networking sites. Difficult to digest, but this is the truth.

Assumption 2: WTH! I know I’m dying today, and have planned it very well! Huh!
I asked this question to my Twitter and Facebook friends; and received a variety of answers. Most said will live the day best with friends and relatives, go out kill the bastards, play Hard Rock, remember the Almighty, eat in the best restaurants, date the dream girl; and even one said, will hit all those who irritate me most!

You all are aware of Nattu, and know that one can never know his last day, until the very last moment; and in that last moment you can never ever be able to plan. But, granted you know you are dying today, I bet you won’t be able to plan the day. I bet! And, the classical example is my Angry Young friend’s own case, in his own words. I have just recompiled the conversation; sentiments are borrowed from friend only.

…and next time you call me, I swear you’ll see my dead face,” and I cut the call. Next second only, overwhelmed, she called me again. “So, this is what you want, a dead me! Granted ma’m, you must see a dead me! and, dare you call me again.” Yes, I went completely insane and said whatever came to my mind, whatever way my tongue rolled. She was so frightened that apologized through SMS, but by the time I’ve already prayed to be dying by tomorrow. And, in that furious mood I replied back telling her my ultimate wish. She was all mad, seeking to talk to me, but I denied, and denied umpteenth time and beg her pardon to sleep. Next morning, I woke up as usual; while getting prepared for office, I realized I’ve wished death that day. On way to office, I wished some truck to come in and rush over me, but nothing happened. Day was usual like all others; though I was thinking and I was trying to visualize what would happen after me. Yes, I’m leaving enough for my parents; my sibling will take care of them. Enemies, no I don’t have that privilege. Friends, hmmmm…they’ll miss me, but time is the best cure. She, haah, she’ll get what she wished for! But, has she? Won’t she be ruined, if I die? Okay, if I’m going to have an unnatural death, I’ll for sure won’t get free from earth’s bondage as our Shastras say; so, I’ll come to her dreams, and persuade her that she’s not the reason. My time was over on the earth, and I departed. I will visit my parents dream too, and tell them to do some yagna etc to liberate me from this bondage. Oh, what bullshit I’m thinking. If I’m to die, I must die. But, before that I must write a letter and delete the SMSs we had last night, so that none can blame her. With all that running through my mind, the office day came to end, and so did the day. Nothing happened, and certainly I didn’t have any courage to stab myself or cut my throat; the level of bravery it needs, m always devoid of. Of course, my ego wasn’t allowing me to talk to her either….

So, the Reality is that even if you know, correctly or incorrectly, that this is the last day of your life, you won’t have any control over how you are destined to spend it. Out Nattu, who to a very good extent knew his death is arriving, couldn’t plan wishfully; and my friend who wished death, couldn’t achieve successfully (fortunately). Death is inevitable, and it’s time is uncertain. The only option left to us is to live each-and-every moment of life to its fullest. My friend, a few days after his fight, realized what would have happened if he really had died as wished. Her girl would be completely devastated, and his soul will never achieve the ultimate peace. He realized his fault, and apologized. Probably, he has started trying to live lively every next moment of his life. Surely, we can too! We don’t know what the very next second is bringing for us; what we actually possess is the very moment we are in. If we aren’t able to enjoy this very moment, who will guarantee for the next? Leaving the rest of thinking to you people, I would like to end this post with the very first line, but in the words of Gulzar:

(Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai, Ho Sake To Iss Mein Zindagi Bitaado Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai)
(The moment which was about to arrive, is about to go; if possible, spend your life in it)

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