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My Life-My Phone: An Addiction!

It was year 2008; I was on my industrial training in Mumbai. A senior from a Multinational Company advised me to carry my own mobile phone, as it was necessary to keep in touch with seniors and also job providers. When I went back to my hometown, Varanasi, first thing that I did was market research for the best plan available. Following advices and suggestions, I finally bought TataIndicom’s Samsung Hero!

What a marvelous cell phone that was! Mine was 2nd Generation model of Samsung Hero. It was a kind of Smartphone, that time, with some Anti-theft thing. One needed to store 2-numbers and a message that would be delivered to those numbers, in case someone changes the SIM without his knowledge. Though I don’t remember the model, it was an upgraded version of the one used by my closed friend, whose advice was pivotal in decision making. That time, 180 per week, 1000 per month, 1800 per month type of SMS packs were launched by the two CDMA players in market, RIM and TataIndicom. I got a 2000 SMS per month free for a year pack bundled with handset.

A lot of memories are associated with that set. My budding relationship with my girl, took its present shape through all-day SMSs, late night calls, arguments, persuasion, wishes, emotions, tantrums, dramas and a lot that can’t be expressed in words….though may be through an SMS! :)

I did a lot of my PG Study through that phone. I was a localite, and all other guys were hostellers. Virtually unlimited SMSs and free calls to local Indicom enabled me to be in constant touch with my hostel friends. What is going on in Hostel, who’s getting thrashed on birthday, who didn’t ate food at mess, who’s throwing surprise booze party and much more happenings—much much better than shitty Breaking News…. Our friendship actually evolved through our phones. We were great friends, with a personal phone with each, we evolved greater. That TataIndicom Hero shared real special moments of my life. I remember how I get into those inviting waters of Bay of Bengal at Puri, with the phone in my lower pocket of cargo. It was all wet, when I realized, and I had to get it dried for two days. Still, it’s working and in fact my mom is still using that phone.

About two years back, I got my first and present job. That was the time, when I handed over that cell phone with a Lifetime plan to mom and bought an HTC TyTN II Smartphone. That is the first Smartphone in my life. That time, iPhone was yet to enter Indian market legitimately and Android was far on the horizon. So, besides the ol’ Symbian things and Blackberry, Windows was the real Smart thing. Best thing was its similarity with Desktop Windows we are familiar to. Everything was so neat and handy.

Unlimited SMS and Phonebook storage space, file-explorer, a 3MP camera, front VGA camera for vdo-chat, huge number of free applications, and a plethora of still to discover abilities…what else one can demand from one’s phone! It became an integrated part of my life. From waking me up through series of alarms in morning to wake-up missed from someone special in my life, from endlessly refreshing web browser for new mail to tweet while walk, from texting to snapping the very best of just-popped up moments of life, from converting units to thumb-swapping pictures, from navigating on Google maps to GPS tracking my footprints in Sahyadris, what not have I done on my Smartphone!

A Collage of pics clicked on my Smartphone...
Sometimes, I literally feel it invading my personal life, when get disturbed by someone at the times I actually need loneliness, when Boss calls me up for office at the very odd hours. But, I confess, and I know all those reading this post for sure would, I can’t think of a life without Cellphone, especially a Smartphone! Don’t know what would be the end of the Smartness of cell phones, but do know I’m a habitual victim! :)

Lots of thanks to Indiblogger and Tata-Docomo for Share Life Blogger Contest. I share a special relation with Tata, my first phone being a TataIndicom and my one of the earliest blogpost was on TataDocomo's Social campaigning. Click here for more on revolutionary Indian telecom company TataDocomo and it's smart OneTouch Net.
Getting Smarter! ;p
(Chimpy thanks to GoogleImage)

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  1. gud post punit, everywhere I felt my presence with ur phoning and ur phoning nd sms'ing capacity....also could see my glimpse in the collage, remember had Irish coffe at CCD...!!!

  2. @JD Thanks bhai! And I remember each and everything that we have experienced together with or without our Smartphones...u must have note that I included that CCD pic in collage.... :)

  3. @Rakesh Obliged that you liked my post :) It's jus a simple blogger template....
    And, yes we can be BolggerBuddies...m sending you an IndiBlogger invite...


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