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Ride to RM East 2011 : Part 2 - RM Event Days 22nd-23rd Jan 2011

Though I tried my best to keep my last post on Mumbai to Kolkata ride as short as possible, I know it was one of the long posts, people like me, try to avoid. Interestingly, still I forgot to mention a few stories of ride. Like, the Ghost stories by Kaka that we had on our Sholapur and Elluru sleeping bag nights, Shyamal’s potty-katha (tales), the gadgeted modified Classic 500 with cool speakers of Jerry the Sikandar and Akhtar bhai’s beautiful modified ol’ Electra with number plate flaunting 786 on it. Thinking about the ride and possible write ups, now I’ve started firmly believing that epic like Mahabharata can only be wrote on a ride!

Now as told, this post is about the RM Event days and nights – 22nd and 23rd January 2010. About RM, I’ve already posted a few weeks back, day before we started the ride. Anyways, if you don’t want to read entire post, here’s a quick summary. RM or Rider Mania started in 2003, as an Annual meet of All India Bullet Clubs, with Royal Enfield’s sponsorship in early days; and, have now evolved to Clubs’ only RM. This year it was organized by the Eastern Bulls of Kolkata, and the Delhi’ Royal Beasts have taken the responsibility for the next year’s meet.

So, back to this year’s RM, i.e. RM East 2011; we have already given the glimpse of our would-be Grand entry to the event on the night we reached Lake Land Country Club. On 22nd morning, Bruce, Andy and other Inddiethumpers, started planning the entry. Kaka, Sab ji and Guri pa ji were supervising; while almost everyone had some input. Pawan was the patakha man, and happily busy in posing with Neha Dhupia on cracker’s packet! I was one sad soul, as my Bull refused to start on that very morning; though, on other side I got an opportunity to see the whole group through my camera’s eyepiece as a standing pillion. Akhtar bhai and Ishtiaque bhai volunteered for burn out. Ishtiaque bhai did it to a level which is unparallel by actually burning his bull’s rear tire on the 2nd evening of the event.
Pawan with patakhe wali Neha Dhupia
Madras Bulls entered first. Then it was our turn to define the term ‘Grand’! With about 50 Bulls, Inddiethumpers’ was the biggest group. Roaring, shouting, thumping, cheering, clapping and clicking! There was no sound that was not actually present at that time. With numerous rides in and around the resort, Inddiethumpers came to arena where the figure “I”, for Inddiethumpers, was coordinated with bullets. There was no soul that was not cherished out there. After that extravagant entry, we left the arena, did a full round of the resort and came back! This time with louder thump. Organizers had to plead Inddiethumpers to end the grandness, it ended when Kaka told us to do so! None then tried to match our show, though Royal Beasts and Wanderlusts together gave another enthralling performance with burnouts, stopped burns and wheelies.Throughout the day, there were events like Slow race, Bike towing etc. And, as the Sun started preparing to dive in to the West horizon, the wildness started prevailing. Inddiethumpers did participate in all the events, but fortune wasn’t the friend of the day. Beer and music compelled everybody to move their butt in almost unison (!) and the crowd rocked! 

Preparation time
Game time....
Akhtar bhai
Eastern bulls "Please ab jao"
Ishtiaque bhai ki gaadi...

For me, the first day was befriending day. I met many Inddiethumpers, and also guys from the other groups. I will write about the Inddiethumpers some other time. Sohan Roy was the one notable person I met during the lunch time. He’s, at the age of 65, oldest participant! He rode to Kolkata from Guwahati on a brand new Classic 500, though had difficulty while walking because of knee problems. Rumors were there about Bullet Bose’ presence, but alas he didn’t turn up. Sheetal from Madras Bulls, Bharat from RoadMelters and Walter from RERAM were other guys that I befriended with many others.

Everyone woke up late on the 2nd day; partly coz of booze, partly ride-tiredness. Event-day started with a lovely performance by kids of a charity organization and National Anthem presentation; Inddiethumpers and Mad Bulls participated, making the performance more jovial and living. With a series of events like Blind race, Tug-of-war, Arm-wrestling the RM East 2011 neared the Final night. I was so involved in getting my bullet ready for the ride back to Mumbai that missed most of the events. Bullet Fashion Show was also organized on 23rd Jan. Akhtar bhai’s, Jerry’s, Nash’ Bulls were Inddiethumpers’ entry; though Gadget’s Alcatraz won the show. DJ’s war made the night fascinating! Then there was the most awaited Award time, which saw many a new winners in different categories and the Inddiethumpers as the Best Club Entrants! And then what followed can only be experienced on the floor, not be described in words! Aah, forgot to mention about a newlywed couple who rode from Madras to Kolkata on individual bulls for their RM-Honeymoon! Kudos!

A lot happened through those days, a lot attended by me, much being missed! But, what I really earned is the experience that can only be experienced if one actually participates and lives it! At Hyderabad, when I said how much stories Shyamal and Kaka have; Rahul told me, ‘Start living the Rides, you too will have’. Certainly, I had a lot of stories from my previous rides, but the Life I had had at RM is just not the another story!

I don’t know how good I wrote (please comment), but I know if you felt even mildly motivated, do get yourself a Bullet and start riding! Brotherhood is calling you….

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