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Did you know about the "International Tell Everybody Justin Bieber is a Gay Day"!

Have you heard of International Tell Everybody Justin Bieber is a Gay Day? Well, until today morning I too wasn’t aware of such an anniversary. We’re having a talk about International Women’s Day, when to show off my knowledge I told the guys that the International Men’s Day and the World Toilet Day share same date, i.e. November 19th. To prove the bet, easiest was to Google the same and land on the Wikipedia.

Page was on International Men’s Day, but someone ‘interestingly’ changed the "Men’s" thing to “Tell Everybody Justin Beiber is a Gay”. We checked the bottom of the page and found that it was last modified on 9 March 2011 at around 9:00.That’s today only! What else, it was tweeted instantaneously :p
Here’s a snapshot:

International Men's OR Tell Everybody Justin Bieber is a Gay Day
An hour later when we revisited the page, crook’s work was edited and the page was back to celebrate Men’s Day! J (With a note that page was last modified on 9 March 2011 at 10:11.) Another snapshot:
Back to Men
Well, I do like Justin Bieber’s voice; but the tweet mania etc associated with him is really annoying at times. Appears this Wiki-editing is done by some jealous guy or some heart-broken girl (thanks to Selena); whosoever has done that, has at least celebrated a Day of his/her choice globally (though, for a few minutes only!).

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