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Bisons' Ride to RM2012: Mumbai to Delhi

Not just the passion, few more factors act decisively while planning a ride. One such factor, that mostly overpowers the enthusiasm, is Leaves’ approval! Plans to the RM2012 ride with other Bisons suffered with the same tragedy when Locha and I had to start the ride together a day later then the fellow Bisons. (For more on RM2012, click here)
Bisons left Mumbai for Challo Dilli ride on 24th January. Locha aka Chemical Locha aka Amrrutraj and I had problems starting riding to Delhi on 24th January’s morning. So, we planned to start it on late evening, and finally were able to get on the road in the early morning of 25th only. Simple pan - 3days to RM2012, we planned to catch the first contingent at/around Udaipur and then ride ahead together.

Saddled up and all geared, we met at our usual rendezvous – Fountain Plaza, Dahisar at around 4:45 AM. Minutes there, some time spent on route ahead, we met brothers from Inddiethumpers. Hugs and mobile numbers exchanged and we hit the NH8 towards Ahmedabad. Our plan for the day was to take detour towards Ambaji/Abu Road at Himmatnagar and halt there.
Locha hoisting Bisons' flag

It was quite a cold morning; we could feel the bite inside our riding gears through the winter liners. We did some 130 kilometres in 2hours of continuos ride before halting for a chae-break. We were few tens of miles from Maharashtra -Gujarat border and Sun was still to rise officially in east. Bisons’ flag was hoisted proudly on our bikes and we were again on the highway. Entering Surat had its own charm. We were climbing over an overbridge when a flock of birds came to fly with us with the rising Sun in east – something that though couldn’t be clicked, would be cherished forever! Locha has asked me to stop for a heavy breakfast only, and I got the message to ride hard before the next stop. A pleasant weather on our side allowed us to ride over 190 kilometers in a single stretch before we stopped for breakfast near Bharuch. We would have ridden more, but traffic jam at Bharuch-bridge compelled us to take a pit stop. To our bad luck, that road side dhaba didn’t have anything to feed our appetite except some farsaan and cups of chae. Disciplined rider Locha came to rescue us with the dry-fruits he was carrying and as usual I was there to munch upon! :)

Crossing the jam and then Vadodara, we took the old NH8 route from Vadodara to Ahmedabad. Mid way we stopped for lunch as I had badly started feeling hunger pangs! Our first realization – There are ‘almost’ NO non-vegetarian resturents/highway dhabas in Gujarat! Even Muslim-run joints were especially vegetarian. Not a problem to me, Locha had to suffer those two days! Back to riding, Achtung declined to ignite as we left the dhaba we had our lunch at. Few nuts tight, carb checked, spark cleaned, it responded – but we had a troubled ride till we somehow reached a bullet-mechanic at Khanwadi, little off Ahmedabad ring-road. The mechanic was a Muslim, and had a small shop with big board Laxmi Auto. No Comments! That guy did the magic, and Achtung was back to its fitness. Culprit was the loose ignition panel! We then rode comfortable till Himmatnagar junction from where we had to take the left turn on SH9 towards Amba ji. Achtung was shivering for some reasons that when we looked upon carefully led us to loosened petrol-tank bolts. To scare us enough bolts were actually quite loose, to save our souls they were not complete off! Tightened, we hit the state highway when the ignition problem recurred. Managing somehow we were riding 60-80 kmph towards Amba ji when Sun wished us good night and the real nightmare of undisciplined lane-riding from opposite side started haunting us. Forced cornering and close passes with insane drivers, through dark jungle and biting cold and a troubled Bullet, we entered Amba ji gate at around 8:30 PM and called it a day at 710 kilometres from where we started!

kadhi-pakoda at Ambaji
Bikers’ rule, hit the first best place to stay and stay! We did the same, a little enquiry with the guard at gate and we stayed at the very first hotel entering Amba ji, ISKON Amby Valley. Hot bath, another round of pure-veg food, we hit the cozy bed to rejuvenate ourselves for another long day of riding. (Locha did spent sometime with office-on-ride, but it’s not worth mentioning ;)

Next morning, we visited Amba ji temple. The temple has got some mystical energy, Archana enlightened with the knowledge. I don’t know why, but I again voluntarily got caught by the thugs that serve temples these days and completed the visit ceremoniously (or something like that)! We rode back to our hotel, saddled up and kicked start our bulls only to know that rear-tyre of Locha’s bull was flattened. He rode it somehow to a nearby puncture-mechanic, who like most of “general” mechanics refused to touch the ailing bull, and referred us to another one. Interestingly, both the mechanics were Mallu and Locha easily managed to get his job done! Meanwhile I searched another bullet-expert, Bhawani Auto, there the guy actually talked with Achtung and found that the air-pipe was loosened, sucking much of air from outside! Another nut tightened, and we were flying on the highway.
Locha posing at Amba ji's Exit gate

Om Bana aka Bullet Baba

Our Day 2 target was to visit Bullet Baba’s Temple and then reach Jaipur by the night, some 550 kilometres.  But, we had started late and we were destined to pay the price. Passing through heavy city traffic at Abu road, we took NH 14 towards Pali via Sirohi. Some 200 kilometres of ride, we had to take NH65 from Pali towards Jodhpur. Bullet Baba’s Temple is located at about 25kilometers from Pali Naka towards Jodhpur, near Khairla (25.891195N, 73.19905E; Google Maps). Bullet Baba aka Om Bana is very famous in this region. There is a mythical story attached to this temple. It’s said that Om Bana met an accident while riding his Bullet 350 some 21 years back, then a series of mystical things happened, like disappearance of Bullet from Police station and found back at the site of accident. Overwhelmed, local people established the place as a shrine to Om Bana and his Bullet too.
Bullet Baba's Bullet
I am not very religious person
, but I do have faith in some Supreme-being. But, worshipping some person, without actually knowing him the Socrates’ way, is not my deal! Inside the temple, I wasn’t sure what should I wish and the only thing I could was ‘bounty of miles to ride’! We saw hoardings that none is allowed to drink or distribute alcohol in the compound, though local people told us that the liquor offered to Bana shouldn’t be taken back and be distributed to other devotees. Again, No Comments! And, yes I liked listening folk songs sung by kids for Om Bana, though couldn’t understand a single line.

Folk singers at the Temple
En route Ajmer, a roadside small building caught our attention. We noticed thousands of birds, mostly parrots and pigeons. That place was especially built to feed the birds. What an oasis! As short break, few clicks, few deals finalised (of course by Locha) and we were again on road towards Ajmer.
Pretty parrots, have you seen that red and grey faced parrots
Some 20kilometers before entering Ajmer, I started feeling hunger pangs. Discussion on wheels, we stopped at a Rajasthani dhaba. While having a rurally-sumptuous and delicious dinner we unscrewed the caps of engine-oil tank to cool it too.  It was already dark when we hit the road again and had to stop after few kilometres to attend the call from 1st battalion. Advised to halt near Ajmer that night, we kicked the bulls to start again. Our foot slipped and both of us got bad back-kick by our bulls, probably it was dew that played slip-game. Another halt at some 50kilometers near a naka, we noticed we have been marking the highway with our engine oil as we forgot to screw the cap back where we had our dinner! Screwed by the screw that kicked us too, a jugaad was done using handkerchiefs and wood log, and later a size 27 bolt! A lesson of lifetime (that had been learnt by the 1st battalion a day before and yet to be by Deelu dada while riding back to Mumbai – twice!).
Few more kilometres and we stopped at Panghat Hotel, the first hotel we found. It was certainly an overpriced sleazy hotel, but what other option we had with that size-27 screw and dripping engine oil! 450 kilometers to the day, we had a round of chae and then retired to bed.

saalon ka bhuka Vinni
Geared well next morning, with our bulls cleaned by its own 20W50 Motul engine oil, shining satirically, we called other Bisons staying near Jaipur. They were about 250 kilometers ahead of us, and following inch-to-inch navigation provided by our very own Monty ji, we could meet them by noon. Hugs (and kisses) and heavy brunch, the entire Bisons crew roared together towards Dilli! Daku, a Bisons based in Delhi, rode about 100 kilometres from his territory to welcome us midway and lead us to RM venue. As we entered Manesar, on the outskirts of Gurgaon, heavy non-sense traffic welcomed us with chilling cold! Amazing was to meet Vikram Pai too, who did Love Thy Neighbour - an exemplary ride, atleast to me!
somewhere on Jaipur-Delhi Highway
We entered RM 2012 as Bisons – a new born Club that has already clocked thousands of miles and is full enthusiastic about the times yet to arrive! Amazing was the entry, after a year long time, to meet the old folks and experience the new saga, to witness the Brotherhood – that we are so damn proud of!
Proud and Young - Bisons!
Friends, Bullets, Modifieds, Clubs and a lot more was waiting for us at RM 2012, the first ever Delhi-RM! To know, what happened at the RM2012, stay connected…………
And, if you too rode from your city, Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai, Ranchi, Hyderabad or Shillong or so, do share with us your riding experience…you know for the riders experience matters!

For more photos, Click here

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  1. Wow Punit.. superb story man - bullet, buddies n bisons.. lRespect!! :)

    rock on guys!! To more such thrilling adventures!! :)

  2. It's always good to have encouraging visits and comments :)
    Do you ride a Bullet? If yes, or if planning to, do ride with us....we are specialized in making friends too :))

    Thanks for stopping by, do visit again,...

  3. Nice reading the adventure...lovely captures too!

  4. Thanks Kalyan, glad that you liked the post and the pictures :)
    Do you ride a bullet too?


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