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Phot A Day Experiment (PADE) Day22 - Letters

There was a time when Writing Letters was more of  a necessity and also passion, and then it became to show real affection. I still remember how I wrote my first letter to my sister and was amazed to receive the reply. Difference between postcard and an inland letter was realised later.

For today's theme of PADE: Letters, my first entry is one of my favorite piece of letter, shot it minutes ago and edited it on PixlrExpress. Written on LetterPad, this novelty came much later to my cognizance.

A conventional Letter
And, then came the era of Emails - which pushed everything from postcards, inland letters, treasurable designer letter pads and just a days ago - telegram to backyards.  Here's a screenshot of my eLetters - which I hate and love simultaneously..

Guess, screenshots should also be covered under photography :P Though I deeply apologies for adding any creativity and double that for my poor handwriting (it's not that poor on physical pages made out of pulp).

This picture post is an Entry to PADE-2013, a month long Photo-blog event. To know more and participate, click here or here. Check themes here.  

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  1. Punit loved loved your post. And second one is an awesome take, made me wonder why I didn't think of it.

    Also this is so different from all your other posts. I came here not at all thinking about this..quite pleasantly surprised!

  2. :D So obliged that you liked it..I must say I was thinking to skip this theme, than thought to at least push myself to participate without fail...and then this came to my mind... Been far from home, I dont have much of my postcards etc (that I have kept with care), and those I have shouldnt be publicly posed *shy*

    Thanks for the encouragement @Juztamom, it really matters :)

  3. Great pics Punit :)

  4. :) And I think because you were not prepared this pushed your envelope, though all your entries have been great but this was by far very creative!

    And what are the postcards you are hiding from us...may be you can mail me just so I can see if they are shy worthy or not (wink wink)

  5. Not postcards (they are so open in nature), but few letters which should be better treasured in a secret little box :)

    Thank you for the encouragemtnt matters a lot!


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