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Let me be...

Beauty is in the eyes,
the way you see, is the way it is. They say
My heart sees more than my eyes,
let me be blind. I feel

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  1. Simple and Superb..

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog, Few Miles. Do keep coming..

    --Someone Is Special--

  2. subtle and simple

    All the best for SSC-2

  3. Short but beautiful ! :) Your little words spoke in volumes :)

  4. crisp.. and asking an eternal question.
    all the best for ssc and do drop by my blog as well.

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my page and sharing your valuable comments :)

  6. Too short for a blog post i guess. It's not even 140 (a tweet) :-(
    The idea was nice you could've built up on it.

  7. Profound- the depth is comparable to a Zen poem, you've said so much in just 4 lines...any comment or interpretation I write will still be bigger!

    A beautiful thought, and an outstanding entry. I must admire your confidence- under 30 words written, and what style!!

    Great job :)

  8. @vEnKy Hey! Thanks for your very constructive comment...I too thought once to continue the thoughts further, but something started overpowering me, and I felt it's better to publish this post with the very initial spontaneous thoughts only! :)

  9. @Avi Hey, thank you very much! M highly obliged that you liked my lines so much...Thank you! :)

  10. Wow, that was cute,
    And yet so powerful!


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