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Earning from Blogging - Do you?

How will you feel, when your Google AdSense application is being repeatedly disapproved for some allegedly “Objectionable content” and a friend, who has just started blogging on your suggestion, tell you that is earning in 5digits from blogging? Exactly, that’s the way I felt. ;-/

Atyush (name changed), is working in an IT company. Few days back, while chatting we started talking about social networking and all. He was impressed by my travelogues *shy*. So, on that note I suggested him to give his awesome humor writing skills some online audience. Within a few weeks, through FB, Tweeting and all other methods to reach-out, his followers list overtook mineL. All was good, at least fine, unless we talked last Saturday, when he told me that his blog is earning Rs. 5,000-10,000 per month.

I was like “Awwww”!!! That very fact was like a jaw-opener for me. Reason, I have been trying for days to get AdSense activated and all that am receiving are apologies mails every time quoting a new reason – Unacceptable site content, Page Type etc. Even other Ad-services too disapproved my application for unknown reasons. And, now this fella, who learnt ABC of blogging from me only, is boasting his 4-figures earning from his all-nonsense blog! Poor me! :(
He was so excited about his endeavour in web-advertising arena that I didn’t have to show my anxiety, and he started telling complete story himself. So, as I told earlier, he works in an IT-company; so he obviously has a 12± hours’ office life. There, beside his routine work, he gets 2-3 no-work-at-all hours daily. In that time, he thinks, writes, improvises and publishes his posts. So, about 20% of what he earns as an IT engineer is actually for blogging from office! I was like, Wow! So, that’s the way you earn, tabhi main sochun (that’s what I was thinking)! I was so relaxed, that he actually figured out changing mood and color of my face and asked what happened. ‘Ahh! Nothing, I thought earning the way that Yaro earns. But, really yar, I wonder how much of we bloggers use our office time to write our personal blogs!’
What’s your story? Do you write your posts in your very own leisure, or your paid office timing? Hmmmm, let me confess, to some extent, I do; do you?

(Disclaimer: Writer of this post didn’t earn any penny for the post; and that all he had earned from blogging is a BlogAdda-Pringoo Tee)

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  1. I publish all my post exclusively during office hours.... coz I dont have a personal PC dude....

  2. I publish all my blogs exclusively during my paid hours.....coz I am a blogger without personal PC... haha haaaa...


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