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What not is Beautiful in this Beautiful World!?

What not is Beautiful in this Beautiful World!?
A picture from NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock's collection
Have you ever tried to recall the moment you cried for first in this big world, laying in your mom’s lap? Wasn’t her tear drops were the Most Beautiful thing you had ever seen (if you remember) or you would have to see ever?
All good mothers are addicted to their newborn babies
(Courtesy:  The  Quote of the Day)
The pride on your father’s face looking blank at a ‘newborn you’, overwhelmed with emotions or probably exhausted with the emotions. Wasn’t it the best sight of the beautiful world you had just stepped in?
Benjamin Khor (right) and his father, Edward celebrate 
Bronze medal at Double trap shooting event at CWG 2010
(Courtesy: Google)
I don’t remember those moments either, but giving mere a thought leaves me goose-fleshed! The life we are blessed with is full of surprises, happier and awful too. What’s common with all the surprises is the Beauty of Life that is bestowed on us.

Each and everything we knew, are in process of knowing, or have been destined to know, is beautiful! Sun setting in west is as marvelous as one rising in east the other morning; so are the beaches of Arabian Sea and ghats of Ganges. Serene, subtle and beautiful!
Kihim beach
Sometimes when a day starts on wrong note, you start with a frown on your face from home; haven’t you ever met a little kid en route, whose million-dollar smile compels you to forget whatever bad has just happened and rejuvenates your soul from within? That’s the beauty of a mere smile….
My sweet niece and her million dollars smile
Who’s the one who hasn’t experienced the glory of innocent love? Being called as the best amongst the folks by the beloved; sweetest girl of the class or the smartest boy of the group…hasn’t it ever struck the best chord of your heart? Haven’t you ever felt how an ordinary-girl next door transforms into the most beautiful girl you have ever seen in the world, when you fell for her? Loveable is the beauty of love! Some become poet, some fail everywhere and some strives for the greatest heights…just for an emotion they can never define, but call it Love! Isn’t it the most beautiful emotion that spreads from a mother to her child, a father to his pride, girl to his man, guy to his lady and so on…so forth…

Love Is In The Air
What not is beautiful in this beautiful world?

There are countless lists of countless things that have their own kind of charm. Be it a ghat of Sahayadris or snow laden tops of Himalayas; the death valleys of California or the lively prairies of North Americas; beautiful birds or shy hippos; beauty pageants or rural women…as far as one can see…beauty is what one can actually feel! Pity for those who have a vision for the darkness, haven’t you ever noticed the beauty of dark night when moon is clothed with a starry gown?
A sight of Sunset from Space
(Another picture from NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock's collection)
I am not a poet, but even if I would have been, it’s impossible to describe the Beauty of this Beautiful World in words… We don’t need to be someone to cherish it, just be ourselves, the innocent self to live it…

From an old post

Beauty is in the eyes,the way you see, is the way it is. They say
My heart sees more than my eyes,let me be blind. I feel


Those who really feel that Beauty is everywhere and we are blessed to have eyes, may spare a few more minutes watching this video....

(This post is written for "What's Real Beauty" Contest from the Indiblogger, Yahoo and Dove. Check out Enthusiasts may love to read hundreds of expressions on Real Beauty at Indiblogger. Indibloggers may vote for my post, clicking here. Thanks to Google who served me with the images I needed.)

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  1. Superb, written straight from the heart and touches the heart too...loved each and every word of it :) Good Luck for the contest :)

  2. @Arti--Thanks! :) My feeling started overflowing, and not being good at poetry I wrote this piece...thanks for liking :)

  3. loved it !!!

    really everything is beautiful, we just need an eye to see that.

  4. lovely post...everything is beautiful as long as you are ready to see it....

  5. @Jyoti, SUB - I just wish we all have those eyes to see the beauty of Nature in each and every moment of our lives...

    Thanks for liking the post :)

  6. Hello Punit,

    What you wrote just was flowing like a poem..nice coinage and queue of words...

    Ooops and then you were my competitor..wishing you all the best fr the contest..


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