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It is not just the Fun...

Have been on road since, aah…. I don’t remember, how many days. Rode past through thousands of villages, many a towns, and don’t know how many states. When I found myself at the end of my earlier life, I kicked the lever and came onto the tar. Like they do ideally or in the movies, I didn’t throw my cards, wallet or mobile. Money was at least that I needed to reach the point where I may have to finally decide, whether to go back to civilization or just move ahead wandering! I put those earthly things somewhere in my satchel, sort of dumped, and switched off.
Whether to go back to civilization or just move ahead wandering
Every end finally disappears into a new start. That I have learnt a zillionth times in my life. Probably, am the man who learns by experiencing; certainly, otherwise I would have been Chanakya, who once said, life is too small to learn from our own mistakes, so I read from others. Am just a commoner, with my share of sins and other, to say, moral activities. I still remember the day when I tried to jump off that train when I failed my first interview. I wasn’t able to gather enough courage; since then I have a little admiration for those who successfully suicide for their last moment courage. In their life and after death they surely represent an ideal case of Loser, but the courage they would have gathered in those last moments of decision surely depicts another side of their being. Irony!
There's Light at the end of the Tunnel...
Those hits were nothing in compared to the latest I have. Shy, this latest thing so much harmonizes with the current affairs. I sometimes still feel, the real me, jovial and ever smiling, hasn't died yet. And, that’s why I didn't try to physically die this time, and just left home for an undecided trip to somewhere nowhere.  
When they defined BigBang Theory, they defined T=0 which is not affected or dependent upon anything before it but for sure would be decisive about anything that would follow it. Like, what we know as earth, sun, solar system, milky way, and Universe are though the result of the BigBang, bear no affection with what the space had before T=0. In my life, I reached that culmination point, where I may need to live the rest without any bearing of what I had before. I never tried to take Life seriously, and probably it too didn’t take me serious enough.
I still curse the day I got that ping on Yahoo Messenger. Feeling of Just Friends grew into something deeper with the introduction and advent of mobile-internet. Life at that point could be defined by the closeness we shared through wishing each-other mornings and nights, viewing best of the songs together on YouTube and able to see each-other through front-view camera. After all not many find the element called as fun, if they are in so called long distance relationship. It ended same way, through a ping on the same old fashioned Yahoo Messenger, when a friend of her pinged about the mishap she couldn’t survive.
Feeling like a Superman is entirely different then being One when time calls. I have acted many a times in my life, but this was beyond my limits. So, I left the world.  Few denims, few tees, a satchel, few cards and a switched off phone, I left everything back as they were on that very morning to just nowhere.
Roads have always been the best philosophers I have ever read. And, they are inexpensively available, just anywhere everywhere. Learning on roads, leaning on bends, witnessing the sun rising, hailing and setting everyday despite of the weather the day had, I reached this edge – which is for now edge of the World for me. Should I continue, or should I go back and start afresh? Question is at large. I am not scared; the only thing I was scared of has left the physical world. But there are beings that have been connected to me and dependent too on me. I did lose something most precious in my life, but does that mean those people be punished for it? Far somewhere I saw an old lady carrying a small child, probably her grand son or daughter, on her back and walking uphill as the sun was setting in the east proudly. I looked at the rear view mirror; a long lone road caught my attention with the words “objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Reaching deeper into my satchel, I brought back my Defy and switched it on to the life. Some hundreds of mails and messages on Watsapp flooded the screen within no time. I dialed my mom’s number,
Pranam ma, am fine
Can I see you?
Give phone to papa, he would enable Skype call
I could see the happiness on their face, the warmth I just heard was well translated into emotions. I could remember the words, “Happiness is when shared”.
Vodafone Internet is (not just the) Fun
When long distance relationships are failing to survive, I just felt Internet is not just the Fun, it’s much more than that….

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