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Monday, 15 July 2013

Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) Day15 - Bokeh

Bokeh, the word that has got its root in Japanese meaning 'blur' or 'haze', adds beautiful aesthetic quality to pictures with a little play of lens (and it's  quality). Ritu has written a very good article on producing Bokeh, may read here.

This pic for today's PADE theme was shot on Indiblogger Nokia Apptasting Event. It's not a perfect Bokeh, but random and coarse one. 

It was shot on Nikon D5000 at f6.3 - 1/30 sec exposure. And, then these glasses gave the pic the love I wished :)

This picture post is an Entry to PADE-2013, a month long Photo-blog event. To know more and participate, click here or here. Check themes here.   

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  1. Love the color Punit...deep dark blue but with a twinkle..a glow!!And the glasses are doing the magic!!!

  2. Kya baat hai! It's fabulous in so many ways. I love the ambience of the photo, very cozy and casual. The bluish light in this photo makes it look mystical!

  3. A wonderful shot. And what a brilliant Bokeh you got there.

  4. Thanks for stopping by @Sakshi Nanda :) Glad that you liked the pic...

  5. This is a beautiful shot! Very classy.

  6. Thanks @Saru and welcome the Ghumakkar's Diary :)


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